Curriculum and Projects

From kindergarten to graduate programs, in public schools, private schools, and in homeschooling, educators in Texas and the Southwest are teaching folklore, the importance of culture, and the importance of preserving the traditions of their communities and families.

In the coming months, we will be developing a variety of content for educators to use in their classrooms. We have educators who have realized the importance of preserving and sharing their cultural music, who have developed programs that can be duplicated in other schools. We have educators who have developed projects that were used in their classroom that met TEKS and Student Learning Outcomes that you can use in your classroom, too. We have professors who have developed graduate level projects to engage their students using technology and storytelling. All of these things help students develop a connection to the past and build a bridge to future generations.

We also will be working with our partner institution, Tarleton State University, to develop future curriculums so that their students can gain experience in lesson planning and so that teachers across the state can share the information. This partnership helps further the mission of both of our organizations.