Texas Folklore Society

Noted Folklore Authors and Members

Some of the most noted folklorists in the nation have advanced the mission of The Texas Folklore Society through their literary works and their service in key positions in the Society.

John A. Lomax and Leonidas Payne took the advice of George Lyman Kittredge of Harvard University and created a branch of the American Folklore Society in Texas. Payne was the first president and Lomax the first secretary, and together, in 1909, worked out the plans and details for The Texas Folklore Society. There was a charter membership of ninety-two members.

J. Frank Dobie, author of novels such asThe Mustangs and The Longhorns andfolklore collections, including Coronado's ChildrenCow People, and Legends of Texas, was Secretary-Editor of the Society for twenty-three years, editing sixteen PTFS volumes.

Francis Edward Abernethy, served as Secretary-Editor for thirty-two years, editing fifteen PTFS volumes. He also authored Singin' Texas and three volumes of Texas Folklore Society history.

Other well-known members include:

  • Elmer Kelton
  • Walter Prescott Webb
  • C. L. Sonnichsen
  • Dorothy Scarborough
  • Mody Boatright
  • Wilson Hudson
  • Harry Ransom
  • Henry Nash Smith
  • William Owens
  • Robert Flynn




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