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Twenty-Sixth Annual Meeting

The twenty-sixth annual meeting was held in Austin, April 19 and 20, 1940.

Program of Twenty-Sixth Annual Meeting

  • Evening session:

    The Paramount Singers, Negroes of Travis County, presented by John Faulk, graduate student at The University of Texas 

    Yucca fiddling by Dan Storm, Corpus Christi 

    Negro and Cajun songs, records made by William A. Owens, College Station 

    Charles F. Arrowood (Austin) "Principally about Preachers" 

  • Saturday afternoon:

    Haldeen Braddy (Fort Worth) "Some Folk-Lore of the Texas Big Bend" 

    Fisher Allsup (Temple) "Traditional Anecdotes of Texians" 

    Evelyn Schofner (Greenville) "Selected Folk Songs" (singing) 

    Mrs. Margaret K. Kress (Austin) "A Curandero Story" 

    Mrs. Annie Hightower (Fort Worth) "A Sample of Old Ballads" 

    Homer Price Rainey, President, The University of Texas (Austin) "A Practical Proposal" 

    President Rainey's proposal was that The University of Texas, in cooperation with the Texas Folk-Lore Society, employ a director of folk festivals. William A. Owens was engaged for this position a few months later under the direction of the Division of Extension, The University of Texas (January, 1941). 

  • Saturday evening:

    Vaquero and other folk songs sung by Brownie McNeill, Yancy (with guitar) 

    "Rope Jumping Rhymes" demonstrated by Mrs. Violet West Sone and daughter, Rockport 

    Mrs. Ruby Terrill Lomax (Dallas) "Negro Nicknames" 

    J. Olcutt Sanders (Fort Worth) "The Square Dance" 

    Boyce House (Fort Worth) "I Give You Texas" 

  • Officers:

  • William A. Philpott, Jr. (Dallas)

    First Vice-President:
  • Charles F. Arrowood (Austin)

    Second Vice-President:
  • C.L. Sonnichsen (El Paso)

    Third Vice-President:
  • Colonel M.L. Crimmins (Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio)

    Secretary and Editor:
  • J. Frank Dobie (Austin)

    Associate Editor:
  • Mody C. Boatright (Austin)

  • Mrs. Marcelle Lively Hamer (Austin)

  • Mrs. W. S. Randall (Dallas)
  • Miss Ima Hogg (Houston)
  • Miss Rebecca Smith (Fort Worth)

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