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Twenty-Third Annual Meeting

The twenty-third annual meeting was held at Texas Christian University in 
Fort Worth, April 23 and 24, 1937.

Program of Twenty-Third Annual Meeting

  • Program:

    Mabel Major (Fort Worth) President's Address of Welcome 

    Guy Kirtley (Austin) "Syrup-Making Time in East Texas" 

    Josiah Combs (Fort Worth) "Kentucky Mountain Ballads" (with dulcimer accompaniment) 

    Frost Woodhull (San Antonio) "Rattlesnake Oil" 

    J. Mason Brewer (Dallas) "Negro Superstitions on Duds and Grub" 

    John Lee Brooks (Dallas) "Folk Heroes of America" 

    Eudora Garrett (Dallas) "Folk-Lore of the Tarascan Indians" (with guitar) 

    Mrs. Walter S. Robertson (Dallas) "Texas Folk Tunes" (at piano) 

    Harold Preece (Austin) "The Federal Government Gathers Folk-Lore in Texas" 

    John Gould (Wichita Falls) "Old Pie-Biter: Camp Cook" 

    Mary Daggett Lake (Fort Worth) "Folk-Lore in Names of Texas Flowers" 

    J. Marvin Hunter (Bandera) "Another Roy Bean Story" 

    G.T. Bludworth (Fort Worth) "A Razorback Story" 

    The morning session on April 24 was given to various groups organized under Federal Recreational and Music Projects. 

    At the dinner on April 24, the following Texas poets were presented, each reading briefly from his work: Hilton Ross Greer, Dallas; Lexie Dean Robertson, Rising Star; Stanley Babb, Galveston; Fania Kruger, Wichita Falls; Esse O'Brien, Waco; Ruth Averitte, Fort Worth; Patrick Moreland, Austin; Boyce House, Fort Worth. 

  • Officers:

  • Mabel Major (Fort Worth)

    First Vice-President:
  • Charles L. Sonnichsen (El Paso)

    Second Vice-President:
  • R.G. Upton (Nacogdoches)

    Third Vice-President:
  • John Lee Brooks (Dallas)

    Secretary and Editor:
  • Mody C. Boatright (Austin)

  • Marcelle Lively Hamer (Austin)

  • Mrs. W.S. Randall (Dallas)
  • David Donoghue (Fort Worth)
  • George A. Hill, Jr. (Houston)

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