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Twentieth Annual Meeting

The twentieth annual meeting, celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the
Texas Folklore Society was held in Austin, April 19 and 20, 1934, at the YMCA Auditorium.

Program of Twentieth Annual Meeting

  • Program:

    Jovita Gonzalez (Saint Mary's Hall, San Antonio) "Traditional Proverbs and Ejaculations of the Rio Grande Border" 

    Martha Emmons (State Home, Waco) "Walk Around My Bedside" 

    Dan Storm (Austin) "The Wonderful Chirrionera" 

    "Cowboy Songs from the Cedar Brakes," by four boys from the brakes 

    Sarah S. McKellar (Hda. La Mariposa, Muzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico) "Br'er Coyote" 

    H.B. Parks (State Apicultural Laboratory, San Antonio) "Gallopin' Rheumatiz" 

    E.R. Sims (University of Texas, Austin) "The Enchanted City of Monte Alban" 

    Virginia Waters (Southern Methodist University, Dallas) "Voodoo Charms in Dallas" 

    E.G. LeStourgeon (San Antonio) "Folk Nomenclature in Texas" 

    Tressa Turner (Kildare) "Kildare Lore" 

    J. Mason Brewer (Dallas) "The Word on the Brazos" 

    A.W. Eddins (San Antonio) "Negro Folk-Lore" 

    Joe Storm (Austin) "The Mustang of the Mescalero Apaches" 

    L.W. Payne, Jr. (The University of Texas) "I Was Here When the Woods Were Burnt" 

    John A. Lomax (Austin) "Folk-Lore Trails" 

    Mabel Major (Texas Christian Univ., Fort Worth) "A Six-pence of British Song" 

    J. Frank Dobie (Austin) "The Facts of the Case" 

  • Officers:

  • Frost Woodhull (San Antonio)

    First Vice-President:
  • Martha Emmons (Waco)

    Second Vice-President:
  • Newton Gaines (Fort Worth)

    Third Vice-President:
  • Mrs. J.B. Kendrick (Gatesville)

    Secretary and Editor:
  • J. Frank Dobie (Austin)

  • Marcelle Hamer (Austin)

  • M.L. Crimmins (San Antonio)
  • L. W. Payne, Jr. (Austin)
  • Julia Estill (Fredericksburg)

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