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Sixteenth Annual Meeting

The sixteenth annual meeting of the Texas Folklore Society was held in Garrison Hall, The University of Texas campus in Austin,
Friday Evening and Saturday, April 25 and 26, 1930

Program of Sixteenth Annual Meeting

  • Friday evening, April 25:

  • President's Address:

    John K. Strecker (Baylor University, Waco) "Totems and Totem Lore" (illustrated)

  • Program:

    C. S. Young (North Pleasanton, Texas) "Archaeology of the Big Doric Cave of Santa Helena Canyon" (illustrated by Lantern slides)

    M. L. Crimmins (Fort Sam Houston, Texas) "Some Indian Illustrations of the Southwest" ( exhibition of drawings)

    Bessie Reid (Port Arthur) "Folk Tales about Texas Birds" 

  • Saturday afternoon, April 26:
  • Donald F. McCarthy (Hondo, California ) "The Lost Breyfogle Mine of Death Valley" (Read by title) 

    A. W. Eddins (San Antonio) "Brazos Bottom Stories" 

    L. W. Payne, Jr. (The University of Texas) "Recent Research in Folk-Song and Balladry" 

    Betty Smedley (Wichita Falls) "Legends of Wichita County" 

    Frost Woodhull (San Antonio) "Ranch Remedies for Horses" 

    Waiter R. Smith (Saint Louis, Oklahoma) "Oklahoma Folk Cures" (Read by title) 

    Florence E. Barns (Baylor College, Belton) "Strap Buckner of the Texas Frontier" 

    C. A. Arnold (San Antonio) "Some Legends of San Antonio Mexicans" 

    Captain James H. Cook (Agate, Neb. ) "The Vaquero Fable of the Two Hunchbacks" (Read by title) 

    Gibbons Poteet (Roxton, Texas ) "The Jointsnake" (Read by title) 

  • Saturday evening, April 26:
  • H. B. Parks (State Agricultural Laboratory, San Antonio) "Some College Folk-Lore" 

    Jovita Gonzalez (The University of Texas) "The Devil on the Border" 

    J. Frank Dobie (The University of Texas) "Old Ben Sublett and His Gold" 

    At the business meeting it was voted to affiliate the Society with the Texas Academy of Sciences.

  • Officers:

  • John K. Strecker (Baylor University, Waco)

    First Vice-President:
  • Frost Woodhull (San Antonio)

    Second Vice-President:
  • Mrs. Bruce Reid (Port Arthur)

    Third Vice-President:
  • Rebecca Smith (Texas Christian University, Fort Worth) 

    Secretary and Editor:
  • J. Frank Dobie (University of Texas, Austin)

  • Byron Shipp (University of Texas, Austin)

  • Dr. L. W. Payne, Jr., (University of Texas, Austin)
  • David Donoghue (Fort Worth)
  • J. Evetts Haley (University of Texas, Austin)

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