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Fifteenth Annual Meeting

The fifteenth annual meeting of the Texas Folklore Society was held at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, 
Friday Evening and Saturday, April 19 and 20, 1929

Program of Fifteenth Annual Meeting

  • Friday evening, April 19:

  • President's Address:

    Newton Gaines (Texas Christian University, Fort Worth) "Ford Epigrams"

  • Program:

    Jovita Gonzalez (St. Mary's Hall, San Antonio) "Legend and Song of the Texas-Mexican Folk" 
    accompanied by Argentina Bianco, San Antonio

    J. Frank Dobie (University of Texas, Austin) "The Onza of the Sierra Madre" 

    L. W. Payne, Jr. (University of Texas, Austin) "The Texas Folk-Lore Society" 

  • Saturday afternoon, April 20:
  • Frost Woodhull (San Antonio) "Horse and Human Remedies of the Old-Time Texas Ranches" 

    Lillian T. Shaver (Dallas ) "Ancient Choctaw Beliefs Regarding Twins" (Read by title) 

    H. B. Parks (San Antonio ) "The Lost Honey Mines of Texas" (Read by proxy)

    Mrs. Seb F. Caldwell (Mount Pleasant) "Uncle Ned Milam--Texas Munchausen" (Read by proxy)

    Mamie Wynne Cox (Dallas ) "The Legend of Old Fort Phantom Hill" (Read by title)

    Rebecca Smith (Texas Christian University, Fort Worth) "Finding Folk-Lorists" 

    David Donoghue (Fort Worth) "Myths in Oil-Finding" 

    Mary Daggett Lake (Fort Worth) "A Texas John Wilkes Booth" 

    Artemisia Bryson (Texas Christian University, Fort Worth) "A Study in Folk-Words" 

    Lowel Bodiford (Texas Christian University, Fort Worth) "A Texas Version of'Lord Thomas and Fair Elinor" 

    Up to 1924 the offices of Secretary and Treasurer of the Texas Folk-Lore Society were combined.In 1924 a new office denominated Recording Secretary and Treasurer was created, while the other half of the old office was fixed as Secretary and Editor. In 1929 the Society abolished the office of Recording Secretary and Treasurer, created the office of Treasurer, and combined the secretarial duties in the Secretary and Treasurer.

  • Officers:

  • Newton Gaines (Texas Christian University, Fort Worth)

    First Vice-President:
  • John K. Strecker (Baylor University, Waco)

    Second Vice-President:
  • Jovita Gonzalez (St. Mary's Hall, San Antonio)

    Third Vice-President:
  • B. O. Baker (Dallas) 

    Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer:
  • Miss Fannie Ratchford (University of Texas)

    Secretary and Editor:
  • J. Frank Dobie (University of Texas, Austin)

  • Dr. L. W. Payne, Jr., (University of Texas)
  • Gates Thomas (Southwest Texas State Teachers' College, San Marcos)
  • J. Evetts Haley (West Texas State Teachers' College, Canyon)
  • J. E. Pearce (University of Texas)

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