Texas Folklore Society

Fourteenth Annual Meeting

The fourteenth annual meeting of the Texas Folklore Society was held in the University of Texas YMCA auditorium, 
Friday Evening and Saturday, April 27 and 28, 1928

Program of Fourteenth Annual Meeting

  • Friday evening, April 27:

  • President's Address:

    Colonel M. L. Crimmins (Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio) "Some Similarities in Folk-Lore"

  • Program:

    T.C. Vinson (Austin & Paint Lick, KY) "Br'er Rabbit in Africa" 

    Kate Stoner O'Connor (Victoria) "How Mr. Polecat Got His Name" (Read by proxy) 

    John K. Strecker (Baylor University, Waco) "Folk-Lore Relating to Texas Birds" 

    Robert Adger Law (University of Texas, Austin) "Some Notes on Recent Treatments of Negro Folk-Lore" 

    B.A. Botkin (University of Oklahome, Norman) "The Play Party in Oklahoma" (Read by title)

    G.T. Bludworth (State Department of Education, Austin) "The Headless Rider of Bosque County" 

  • Saturday afternoon:
  • Professor J.E. Pearce (University of Texas, Austin) "Explorations in Texas Archaeology" (Following his talk, automobiles carried

    fifty or seventy-five people to examine Indian Mounds being excavated under Professor Pearce's direction ay Cedar Park.)

  • Saturday evening:
  • Newton Gaines (Texas Christian University, Fort Worth) "Some Characteristics of Cowboy Songs" (singing)

    Jovita Gonzales (St. Mary's Hall, San Antonio) "The Woman Who Lost Her Soul" 

    Mody C. Boatright (University of Texas, Austin) "The Genius of Pecos Bill" 

    J.M. Deaver (El Paso) "Mr. Fishback of the Sulphurs" (Read by proxy) 

    J. Frank Dobie (University of Texas, Austin) "Bowie and the Bowie Knife" 

  • Officers:

  • Colonel M. L. Crimmins (Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio)

    First Vice-President:
  • Mody C. Boatright (University of Texas)

    Second Vice-President:
  • Newton Gaines (Texas Christian University, Fort Worth)

    Third Vice-President: Martha Emmons (Nacogdoches) 

    Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer: Miss Fannie Ratchford (University of Texas)

    Secretary and Editor:
  • J. Frank Dobie (University of Texas, Austin)

  • Dr. L. W. Payne, Jr., (University of Texas)
  • Gates Thomas (Southwest Texas State Teachers' College, San Marcos)
  • J. Evetts Haley (West Texas State Teachers' College, Canyon)

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