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Tenth Annual Meeting

The tenth annual meeting of the Texas Folklore Society was held in the University of Texas YMCA auditorium, 
Saturday afternoon and evening, May 3, 1924.

Program of Tenth Annual Meeting

  • Afternoon Session:

  • President's Address:

    Miss Julia Estill (Fredericksburg) "Indian Pictographs of Lange's Mill, Gillespie County, Texas" , 

  • Program:
  • < h4> Mr. Victor J. Smith (Sul Ross State Teachers' College, Alpine) "The Human Hand in Primitive Art" 

    Miss Adina De Zavala (San Antonio) "Two Texas Legends: 'The Origin of the Redbird' and 'The Origin of the Old San Antonio Duck Pond" 

    Mr. R. R. Smith (Jourdanton) "The Money Hunter" (with a demonstration of "money tenders")" 

    Dr. Malbone W. Graham, Jr. (University of Texas) "Some Folk Tales of the Chibcha Nation" 

    Mr. A. R. McTee (Houston) "Special Diction of the Oil Fields" 

    Mr. J. Frank Dobie (Oklahoma A&M College, Stillwater, Oklahoma) "Legendary Origins of Some Texas Place Names" 

    Mr. J. T Estill (Fredericksburg) "Some Old Folk Songs," sung by Mr. J. T Estill 

  • Evening Session:

    Mr. Newton Gaines (University of Texas) "Hinkey-Dinkey--the Folk-Song of the A.E.F.; a version of 'The Frog's Courting' sung to the guitar"

    Dr. L. W. Payne, Jr. (University of Texas) "Some Texas Versions of The Frog's Courting" 

    Mrs. L. N. Throop (Austin) "The Spotted Fawn" 

    Mrs. J. C. Marshall (Quanah) "Some Survivals of Old English Ballads in the South" 

    "Four Cowboy Songs," from the collection by Mr. John A. Lomax, arranged and composed by Mr. Oscar J. Fox (San Antonio)

    1. "A Home on the Range," Mr. Eric Harker, tenor, and Chorus
    2. "The Old Chisholm Trail," Mr. Eric Harker. and Chorus
    3. "The Cowboy's Lament," Mr. Eric Harker
    4. "Rounded Up in Glory," Mr. Eugene E. Barrow, baritone, and Chorus
    The composer at the piano, assisted by the Mozart Choir of Austin

  • Officers:

  • Julia Estill (Fredericksburg)

    First Vice-President:
  • Samuel B. Dabney (Houston)

    Second Vice-President:
  • S. N. Gaines (Fort Worth)

  • J. Frank Dobie (Austin (now of Oklahoma A&M, Stillwater, Oklahoma))

  • A. J. Armstrong (Baylor University)
  • George Summey, Jr. (Texas A&M)
  • Maud D. Sullivan (El Paso)

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