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Second Annual Meeting

The second annual meeting of the Texas Folklore Society was held in Austin, Friday and Saturday, February 23 and 24, 1912, University YMCA Auditorium.

Program of Second Annual Meeting

Friday, February 23, 1912

  • First session:

    Seumas McManus (New York City), "Irish Life and Character--Its Humor, Pathos, and Beauty" 

  • Second Session:

    Theo G. Lemmon (Dallas), "Superstitions Connected with the Owl," President's Address, 

    R.M. Anderson (Uvalde) "Folk-Lore in Cattle Brands" 

    Mrs. Lillie T. Shaver (San Marcos) "Some Local Legends of Texas" 

    August C. Krey (Austin) "Mediaeval Superstitions" 

    W.H. Thomas (College Station) "Some Current Folk-Songs" 

    S.H. Gaines (Fort Worth) "A Batch of Mexican Border Ballads" 

    John A. Lomax (Austin) "Stories of an African Prince" 

    L.W. Payne, Jr. (Austin) "Preliminary Report on Texas Play-Party Games and Songs" 

  • Third session:

    Seumas McManus (New York City) "Stories of Irish Fairy and Folk-Lore" 

  • Officers:

  • Theo G. Lemmon (Dallas )

  • C. Lombardi (Dallas)
  • Miss Adina de Zavala (San Antonio)
  • Laura Burleson (Austin)

  • John A. Lomax (Austin)

  • Miss Ethel Hibbs (Galveston)

  • L.W. Payne, Jr. (Austin)
  • Mrs. Joseph B. Dibrell (Seguin)
  • Mrs. C.C. Garrett (Brenham) 

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