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First Annual Meeting

The first annual meeting of the Texas Folklore Society was held in Austin, Saturday. April 8, 1911,
"in the old Faculty Room, No. 48," in the old Main Building, over there in the northeast corner of the 
first floor of the east wing (according to L.W. Payne, "When the Woods Were Burnt.")

Program of First Annual Meeting

Saturday, April 8, 1911

    • Afternoon session:

      L.W. Payne, Jr. (Austin), "Preliminary Survey of Folk-Lore Interests in Texas" President's Address, 

      Reginald H. Griffith (Austin) "Method of Study in Folk-Lore" 

      Mrs. Lillie T. Shaver (San Marcos) "Indian Customs" 

      Theo G. Lemmon (Dallas) "Some Little Known Myths of the Moqui Pueblos" 

      Herbert E. Bolton (Stanford University) "Religious Beliefs and Customs of the Hasinai Indians" 

      Robert Adger Law (Austin) "The Pronunciation of Some Huguenot Names in South Carolina" 

      Mrs. John A. Lomax (Austin) "The Ballad of the Boil Weevil" 

      Sylvester Primer (Austin) "German Folk-Lore in Texas" 

      Miss Adina de Zavala (San Antonio) "A Ballad of the Missionary Period" 

    • Evening session, 8 P.M.:

      Bliss Ferry (Harvard University) "The American Short Story" 

    • Officers:

    • L.W. Payne, Jr. (Austin)

    • Judd Mortimer Lewis (Houston)
    • Edward Rotan (Waco)
    • Mrs. Lillie T. Shaver (San Marcos)

    • John A. Lomax (Austin)

    • Miss Ethel Hibbs (Galveston)

    • Theo G. Lemmon (Dallas)
    • Mrs. Joseph B. Dibrell (Seguin)
    • Mrs. C.C. Garrett (Brenham) 

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