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In 1916, Stith Thompson edited the Society's first collection of folklore-related articles from papers that had been presented at annual meetings.

To date, the lore of Texas and the Southwest has been recorded in 68 full-length books of the Publications of the Texas Folklore Society (PTFS) series. The Society has also sponsored or encouraged the publication of 36 additional books.

Texas Folklore Society books contain many photos and other illustrations, including original artwork by renowned artists such as José Cisneros. Books such as Charreada: Mexican Rodeo in Texas are "picture books," featuring articles that focus on a specific topic and are complimented by skilled photography or artwork.


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TFS Publications

The volumes published by the Society contain many of the papers read at its meetings and other articles both volunteered and solicited.

Unsolicited manuscripts and art work are accepted from members only.


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Some popular titles from the past include:
Mustangs and Cow Horses (PTFS#16, 1940)
The Prairie Dog Lawyer (RLS#5, 1945)
Texas Folk Songs (PTFS#23, 1950)
Singin' Texas (ExB#18, 1983)
Folk Art in Texas (PTFS#45, 1984)
Texas Toys and Games (PTFS#48, 1989)
Hecho en Tejas (PTFS#50, 1991)
Juneteenth Texas: Essays in African-American Folklore (PTFS#54, 1996)
The Family Saga: A Collection of Texas Family Legends (PTFS#60, 2003)
Both Sides of the Border: A Scattering of Texas Folklore (PTFS#61, 2004)
Death Lore: Texas Rituals, Superstitions, and Legends of the Hereafter (PTFS#65, 2008)
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