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  [P=pamphlet; PTFS=numbered annual volume; ExB=extra book; RLS=Range Life Series; PBS=Paisano Book Series; SRP=Special Reference Publication.]  


Some Current Folk-Songs of the Negro. (P 1-1912). W. H. Thomas

Round the Levee (PTFS 1-1916). Stith Thompson, ed.

Coffee in the Gourd (PTFS 2-1923). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Legends of Texas (PTFS 3-1924). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Happy Hunting Ground (PTFS 4-1925). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Rainbow in the Morning (PTFS 5-1926). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Texas and Southwestern Lore (PTFS 6-1927). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Follow de Drinkin' Gou'd (PTFS 7-1928). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Coronado's Children (ExB 1-1930). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Man, Bird and Beast (PTFS 8-1930). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Southwestern Lore (PTFS 9-1931). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Tone the Bell Easy (PTFS 10-1932). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Spur-of-the-Cock (PTFS 11-1933). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Tall Tales from Texas (ExB 2-1934). Mody Boatright, ed.

Puro Mexicano (PTFS 12-1935). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Swing and Turn: Texas Play-Party Games. (ExB 3-1936). William A. Owens

Straight Texas (PTFS 13-1937). J. Frank Dobie and Mody C. Boatright, eds.

Coyote Wisdom (PTFS 14-1938). J. Frank Dobie, Mody Boatright, and Harry H. Ransom, eds.

In the Shadow of History (PTFS 15-1939). J. Frank Dobie, Mody Boatright, and Harry H. Ransom, eds.

Mustangs and Cow Horses (PTFS 16-1940). J. Frank Dobie, Mody Boatright, and Harry H. Ransom, eds.

Texian Stomping Grounds (PTFS 17-1941). J. Frank Dobie, Mody Boatright, and Harry H. Ransom, eds.

My Rambles as East Texas Cowboy, Hunter, Fisherman, Tie Cutter. (RLS 1 & ExB 4-1942). Solomon Alexander Wright

Ed Nichols Rode a Horse (RLS 2-1943) Ruby Nichols Cutbirth

A Tenderfoot Kid on Gyp Water (RLS 3-1943) Carl Peters Benedict

A Stove-Up Cowboy's Story (RLS 4-1943). James Emmit McCauley

Backwoods to Border (PTFS 18-1943). Mody Boatright and Donald Day, eds.

From Hell to Breakfast (PTFS 19-1944). Mody Boatright and Donald Day, eds.

The Prairie Dog Lawyer (RLS 5-1943). Charles E. Coombes

Gib Morgan, Minstrel of the Oil Fields (PTFS 20-1945). Mody Boatright

When the Woods Were Burnt (P 2-1946). Mody C. Boatright, ed.

Mexican Border Ballads and Other Lore (PTFS 21-1946). Mody Boatright, ed.

Adventures with a Texas Naturalist (ExB 5-1947). Roy Bedichek

The Sky Is My Tipi (PTFS 22-1948). Boatright, ed.

Folk Laughter on the American Frontier (ExB 6-1949). Mody E. Boatright

Texas Folk Songs (PTFS 23-1950). William A. Owens.

The Healer of Los Olmos and Other Mexican Lore (PTFS 24-1951). Wilson M. Hudson, ed.

The Typical Texan, Biography of an American Myth (ExB 7-1952). Joseph Leach

Folk Travelers: Ballads, Tales and Talk (PTFS 25-1953). Boatright, Hudson and Allen Maxwell, eds.

Texas Folk and Folklore (PTFS 26-1954). Mody Boatright, Wilson Hudson, and Allen Maxwell, eds.  - Reprinted as The Best of Texas Folk and Folklore 1916-1954 (1998).

Tales of Old-Time Texas (ExB 8-1955). J. Frank Dobie, ed.

Mesquite and Willow (PTFS 27-1956). Mody Boatright, Wilson Hudson, and Allen Maxwell, eds.

Madstones and Twisters (PTFS 28-1957). Mody Boatright, Wilson Hudson, and Allen Maxwell, eds.

"With His Pistol in His Hand" A Border Ballad and Its Hero (ExB 9-1958). Americo Paredes

And Horns on the Toads (PTFS 29-1959). Mody Boatright, Wilson Hudson, and Allen Maxwell, eds.

Singers and Storytellers (PTFS 30-1960). Mody Boatright, Wilson Hudson, and Allen Maxwell, eds.

The Golden Log (PTFS 31-1961). Mody Boatright, Wilson Hudson, and Allen Maxwell, eds.

A Good Tale and a Bonnie Tune (PTFS 32-1962). Mody Boatright, Wilson Hudson, and Allen Maxwell, eds.

Folklore of the Oil Industry (ExB 10-1963). Mody C. Boatright

Folksong and Folksong Scholarship (P 3-1964).  Tristam P. Coffin

Friends of Thunder, Folktales of the Oklahoma Cherokees (ExB 11-1964). Jack F. Kilpatrick

Mody Boatright, Secretary and Editor, 1943-1964 (P 4-1965). Wilson M. Hudson

The Sunny Slopes of Long Ago (PTFS 33-1965). Wilson Hudson and Allen Maxwell, eds.

Mirrors, Mice, & Mustaches (PBS 1-1966). George D. Hendricks

Tales from the Big Thicket (ExB 12-1966). Francis E. Abernethy

Eyes on Texas, Fifty Years of Folklore in the Southwest (P 5-1967). Wayland D. Hand

Tire Shrinker to Dragster (PTFS 34-1967). Wilson Hudson, ed.

Pecos Tales (PBS 2-1967). Paul Patterson

Deep Like the Rivers, Stories of My Negro Friends (ExB 13-1968). Martha Emmons

Aunt Puss & Others, Old Days in the Piney Woods (PBS 3-1969). Emma Wilson Emery

Hunters & Healers: Folklore Types & Topics (PTFS 35-1969). Wilson Hudson, ed.

Texas Folk Medicine, 1,333 Cures, Remedies, Preventives, & Health Practices  (PBS 5-1970). John Q. Anderson, ed.

There Was a King in Ireland...Five Tales from Oral Tradition (ExB 14-1970). Myles Dillon

Diamond Bessie & The Shepherds (PTFS 36-1971). Wilson Hudson, ed.

Observations & Reflections on Texas Folklore (PTFS 37-1972). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

Analytical Index to Publications of the Texas Folklore Society, Volumes 1- 36 (SRP 1-1973). James T. Bratcher, ed.

Mody Boatright, Folklorist, A Collection of Essays (ExB 15-1973). Ernest B. Speck, ed.

The Folklore of Texan Cultures (PTFS 38-1974). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

Some Still Do: Essays on Texas Customs (PTFS 39-1975). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

What's Going On? (In Modern Texas Folklore) (PTFS 40-1976). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

Myths & Folktales of the Alabama-Coushatta Indians of Texas (ExB 16-1977). Howard N. Martin

Paisanos: A Folklore Miscellany (PTFS 41-1978). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

Built in Texas (PTFS 42-1979). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

Mexican Folktales from the Borderland  (ExB 17-1980). Riley Aiken

Legendary Ladies of Texas (PTFS 43-1981). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

T for Texas (PTFS 44-1982). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

Singin' Texas (ExB 18-1983). Francis Edward Abernethy

Folk Art in Texas (PTFS 45-1984). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

Sonovagun Stew (PTFS 46-1985). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

Dance Across Texas (ExB 19-1986). Betty Casey

Hoein' the Short Rows (PTFS 47-1987). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

Mexican-American Folklore (ExB 20-1988). John O. West

Texas Toys and Games (PTFS 48-1989). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

The Bounty of Texas (PTFS 49-1990). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

Hecho en Tejas (PTFS 50-1991). Joe E. Graham, ed.

The Texas Folklore Society 1909-1943, Vol. I (PTFS 51-1992). Francis Edward Abernethy.

Corners of Texas (PTFS 52-1993). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

The Texas Folklore Society 1943-1971, Vol. II (PTFS 53-1994). Francis Edward Abernethy.

Through Time and the Valley (ExB 21-1995). John Erickson

Juneteenth Texas: Essays in African-American Folklore (PTFS 54-1996). Francis E. Abernethy, Patrick B. Mullen, Alan B. Govenar, eds.

Between the Cracks of History: Essays on Teaching and Illustrating Folklore (PTFS 55-1997). Francis Edward Abernethy ed.

The Best of Texas Folk and Folklore 1916-1954 (ExB 22-1998) a reprint of Texas Folk and Folklore (PTFS 26-1954). Boatright, Hudson, and Maxwell, eds.

Features and Fillers: Texas Journalists on Texas Folklore (PTFS 56-1999). Jim Harris, ed.

The Texas Folklore Society 1971-2000, Vol. III (PTFS 57-2000). Francis Edward Abernethy.

2001: A Texas Folklore Odyssey (PTFS 58-2001). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

Charreada: Mexican Rodeo in Texas (PTFS 59-2002). Francis Edward Abernethy, ed.

The Family Saga: A Collection of Texas Family Legends (PTFS 60-2003). Francis Edward Abernethy, Jerry Bryan Lincecum, Frances B. Vick, eds.

Both Sides of the Border: A Scattering of Texas Folklore (PTFS 61-2004). Francis Edward Abernethy, Kenneth Untiedt, eds.

Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn Through Folklore (PTFS 62-2005). Kenneth Untiedt, ed.

Folklore: In All of Us, In All We Do (PTFS 63-2006). Kenneth Untiedt, ed.

Folklore in Motion: Texas Travel Lore (PTFS 64-2007). Kenneth Untiedt, ed.

Death Lore: Texas Superstitions, Rituals, and Legends of the Hereafter (PTFS 65-2008). Kenneth Untiedt, ed.

Celebrating 100 Years of the Texas Folklore Society, 1909-2009 (PTFS 66-2009). Kenneth Untiedt, ed.

Always for the Underdog: Leather Britches Smith and the Grabow War. (ExB 23-2010). Keagan LeJeune.

Hide, Horn, Fish, and Fowl: Texas Hunting and Fishing Lore. (PTFS 67-2011). Kenneth Untiedt, ed.

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