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Submitting a Proposal for a Book Article

Each Year the Secretary-Editor decides upon a theme and seeks folklore articles to be published in the annual book. He may solicit proposals for articles from the Texas Folklore Society membership or select from papers presented at past meetings.  "Calls for Papers" will be announced at meetings, in the June Newsletter, by email, and on this website.

To be considered for publication, a proposed article should meet the following criteria:

  • It must be on a folklore-related topic (e.g., customs, beliefs, traditions, skills, music, art, legends, superstitions)

  • The topic must be relevant to Texas and the Southwest.

  • It must be the original work of the author, with any references to other works properly documented in endnotes. We prefer works that have not been previously published, or that have been significantly edited - modified - from published versions. If we do select a previously published work, the author must obtain permission to reprint from the original source.

  • Submissions must be:

    • composed in Microsoft Word [Font: 12-point, Times New Roman]

    • anywhere from a few pages to 25 pages

    • sources should be documented using in-text citation numbers, with the detailed source information at the end of the article as Endnotes. [Do not use an automated numbering/endnote system; numbers and endnotes have to be typed separately for the publisher.]

    • illustrations are desired: photographs, drawings, or maps should be considered when planning the article. (Source credits will be required.)

The Secretary-Editor will select the articles to be published.

Send proposed articles to the TFS office in Nacogdoches:

by email: (preferred)  tfs@sfasu.edu
by post: 


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